Fish OIl Capsules

Some things are never going to be easy. Like searching for good products in any field. The same thing applies to fish oil supplements or fish oil capsules. It is like Pandora box and you may have to spend a lot of time in researching because everyone will say that they are having the best product in market.

I want to keep this information very precise and therefore I will come to the main question directly that is "what you should look for in fish oil capsules or fish oil supplements."

The first thing you should look for is the company. Whether the company has got high ethics and whether they have delivered what they have promised. Any company which is giving the promises but has failed to deliver or which habitually fails to keep its promises should not be trusted.

Second thing to look for when it comes to fish oil capsules is to check that specific species like Salmon and tuna etc. This should  the mentioned on the label preferably or that should be mentioned on the information catalog. if only "fish oil" or "marine lipids" is mentioned on labels,then surely that product can be avoided.

Even with specific  the species, there are going to be some fish that are healthier than others. Therefore find out the brands which states that only healthy fishes graded for human consumption are used and it should also be guaranteed to be toxin and Mercury free.

The other important factor is from which sea, the  fishes are harvested. If the are harvested fishes are from polluted areas than actually it may contain heavy metals, Mercury and other unwanted substances which may also be sometimes risky for the health of you and your family.

Most marketing is designed in a way to distract your attention from issues that are really more important than the others. I suggest using Arctic sea omega-3 fish oil capsules because of the reasons mentioned below:

It is having the right combination of fish oil and olive oil. And therefore you get both omega-3 and Omega 9 since both are essential for health. This company has taken good care in making the most scientific combination and ratio of omega-3 and 9 that is required by human beings and the most suitable.
  1. The Arctic sea omega-3 comes from forever living products which are the largest producer of fish oil capsules in North America.
  2. Forever living products ships to 145 countries of the world,and nowhere it has received any bad reputation for any of its 250 products.
  3. the Arctic sea omega-3 is backed by 60 days satisfaction guarantee. Which means that if you are using any of the companies products for 60 days, you can get refund in case you feel that the products have not benefited you at all. 

Fish Oil Capsules

Forever Living Products has formulated a superior nutritional supplement to take advantage of the latest research into this important area of nutrition. By combining Omega-3 with Omega-9 fatty acids, it provides a safe, balanced, mercury-free supplement that can favorably support healthy blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Forever® Arctic-Sea® is a breakthrough in terms of a balanced supplement, using both vegetable and mercury-free pharmaceutical-grade fish oils to derive the benefit of each. Omega-3 is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid found in salmon and other seafood. Omega-9 is the unsaturated fatty acid found in vegetable products like olive oil. Each softgel has an EPA content of 225 mg and 150 mg each of DHA and oleic acid, all of which are lacking in most Western diets. The benefits of EPA and DHA include supporting the circulatory system. They are needed for other functions, including the development and health of the eyes and brain, and can support proper joint function.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to help support circulatory function
  • Omega-3 and Omega-9 fatty acids can help support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Helps support proper joint function
  • Mercury-free

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